WORLD CARP NIGERIA came into Nigeria in the 1990s through Red Georges Ogurie but was stopped. Then World Carp Nigeria was started by Master kouakou  Aime, originally from Ivory Coast  in 2014. In the beginning he was alone, then some weeks later four Japanese including Cheong and Guk Missionaries came to Nigeria for youth service. Then they used to go to some schools close to their centre and witnessed to them about World CARP.


Their principal mission was to serve the world by raising young people as peace makers and global leaders who can be able to build ‘’One WORLD and One Family Under God.” But due to Nigeria’s insecurity issues and coupled with visa problems, two of those missionaries left Nigeria to Japan and two of them in the name of Kenji Hiorochi and Komei went to Benin Republic to continue their activities. At that time CARP activities in Nigeria was stopped.


Some years later one special youth envoy, Bok Jin Lee from South Korea came to  Nigeria in January  2016 for his internship haven graduated from the Universal Peace Academia (UPA). So CARP activities was started once second again. They rented an apartment close to One Mini Campus.
 Once the house the apartment was secured, they arrange the place and took time also to prepare lecture materials. Weeks later one graduated youth service in the name of Godson Joon Wha Ogurie came to the centre, making them three persons: Master kouakou Aime, Special youth envoy Bok Jin Lee and Godson Joon Wha Ogurie .Things were not easy because they did not register CARP in Schools, so they could not operate freely. It took one mouth, precisely in April to succeed to register CARP With the support of Desmond Adams, a University student in Gwagwalada. Then when they started activities, they needed people to leave in the CARP centre to  give life to it.


At that time The CARP President, Master Kouakou Aime brought brother Memory Aguma Ekumaneyi to support them.  They started witnessing including organizing a one day workshop, but they got no good result. After this in June 2016, the Special envoy Bok Jin Lee came to Benin Republic because his Visa had expired in Nigeria, and on his way to Benin in Lagos his extremely expensive phone was stolen. That was a really big challenge for him. Once in Benin he Joined five Japanese missionaries who was working so hard with great result in CARP Benin for their activities. By following them he got some new strategies about how to improve his activities in Nigeria if he came back.


Here in Benin was where the real mission and activity for Nigeria got started. During his going out with Japanese Missionaries, he met Mr Jules Mikpodjidjo HONNON, to whom he explained Nigeria CARP Situation, that he needed him to support them for CARP Activities In Nigeria. Fortunately, Mr Jules Mikpodjidjo HONNON, who was also CARP Member in Benin accepted his request.


And then on the 11th of July, 2016, Mr Jules Mikpodjidjo Honnon Left Benin and arrived on 13th of July midnight in Abuja.


They started activities and everything was going well, even though Mr Jules Mikpodjdidjo HONNON could not really understand spoken English, though he has the heart of a Pioneer and he tried his very best. He worked very hard and got more members than the four persons who had earlier came to Nigeria. And since he came to CARP Nigeria, activities are progressing steadily. So, with Jules M. HONNON from Benin and a new team spirit coupled with hard word,  CARP Nigeria’s launching ceremony eventually took place on the 22nd of July, 2016.